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  • A DUI conviction can affect you and your family in many ways, including license suspension, fines, higher insurance rates, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, and jail time.


I was stopped for DUI, but the officer never told me when I have to appear in court. Will I be charged?


The fact that the officer never gave you a date to appear in court does not mean that you will not be charged for DUI. In these circumstances, the officer will likely forward the arrest information to the prosecutor's office, and you will be sent a notice from the court about when and where to appear.

It is important that you contact a DUI Attorney after you have been stopped for DUI, regardless of whether or not you have been issued a court date. Not only will a DUI Attorney be able to answer your questions, hopefully setting your mind at ease, but there are important time deadlines that must be considered after a stop for DUI. For example, in Washington you only have twenty days after notification of a driver's license suspension to challenge the suspension.

Once charges are filed, you will be notified in writing by the court of your first court date called an arraignment, or sometimes an intake hearing.  At this first hearing, the prosecutor for the county or city that is charging you with DUI will inform you of the exact charge against you.  After pleading Not Guilty, the Judge of your court will then inform you of your conditions of release.  In many cases, we can have our clients let go on their Personal Recognizance if they promise to abide by the standard pretrial conditions for DUI. 

These conditions include your promise to appear at all future court dates, your agreement to not to drive without a valid license and insurance, not to use non-prescribed drugs, not to drive after consuming alcohol, and not to commit any new criminal law violations. 

In some cases the court will require more extreme pretrial conditions, including setting a bail amount, ordering you to not drive without an Ignition Interlock Device, or even ordering that you be placed on Electronic Home Monitoring with a device to detect if you are drinking any alcohol.  These measures are not taken by every Judge or in every DUI case, but you should be aware of these possibilities before you go to your first DUI court appearance.

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