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  • A DUI conviction can affect you and your family in many ways, including license suspension, fines, higher insurance rates, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, and jail time.


I'm on probation, and was just arrested for a new case. What do I do now? Will the old case find out about the new one?


If you are on probation at the time of your arrest for DUI, it is highly likely that the court that retains jurisdiction over your old case will find out about your new DUI charge.  This is true whether you are on active probation and meet with a probation officer, or if you are being monitored by the court during the period of probation but don't actually have to meet with the probation department. 


If your prior charge was for a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor other than DUI, you were probably on probation for up to two years from the date you were sentenced.  If the previous conviction is for DUI, the sentencing court may have placed you on probation for up to five years.


Once the court finds out about your new charge, a Review Hearing will likely be set and you will be notified at the address the court has on file for you about the date and time of your hearing.  This is one reason that it is important to always keep the court updated on your address and telephone number.  If you miss your Review Hearing, a bench warrant will most likely be ordered for your arrest.


At your Review Hearing, you will have the opportunity to address the allegations that you violated the conditions of your sentence.  Common violations include failure to pay court costs, fines, and assessments; Ignition Interlock violations; new law violations; driving without valid license and insurance; and/or failure to attend Alcohol/Drug Information School or DUI Victim's Panel.


This is a delicate situation, and the best way to handle it will depend on many factors. You must discuss this type of situation with a criminal defense attorney who can best stand for your interests in both the new case and the probation violation case.


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